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Rafflesia Micropylora, its species name comes from the smaller opening in the diaphragm. This giant corpse flower found only in the rainforest of northern of Sumatra, Indonesia.

The Giant Sumatran Corpse Flower


Rafflesia species is one of the wealth of biodiversity that found in the tropical rainforests of Indonesia. Although it is widely known by the public, the fact shows there are still many people still didn't know about the existence of the Rafflesia.

Rafflesia Micropylora is smaller than the Rafflesia Arnoldii, the Rafflesia Micropylora is endemic to endemic to the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.

Rafflesia Micropylora is one of protected plant species because of the scarcity and endemic to the Sumatran tropical rainforest. Rafflesia Micropylora habitats are found in Gunung Leuser National Park of North Sumatra and Aceh province. Nowadays, Rafflesia Micropylora habitats are under the pressure and threat of human activity. Therefore, the presence of Rafflesia Micropylora must be preserved and protected.

The quality of soil where the Rafflesia Micropylora grows has a neutral pH to slightly alkaline, texture-sandy clay loam and coloured reddish-brown. Daily temperatures are 27C with a humidity of 85 to 97%.

Research conducted by Bogor Agricultural Institute in 1998 said there have been successful of identification of 17 species of Rafflesia species that exist in the world and 12 species are found in Indonesia. Rafflesia species that spread across the island of Sumatra, they are Rafflesia Arnoldii var. Atjehensis, Rafflesia Hasseltii, Rafflesia Gadutensis, Rafflesia Micropylora, and Rafflesia Rochussenii.

From five species of Rafflesia in Sumatra, three of them are found only in Aceh and North Sumatra, they are Rafflesia Arnoldii var. Atjehensis, Rafflesia Micropylora, and Rafflesia Rochussenii. Host plants of the Rafflesia is liana plants (vines) from the genus Tetrastigma. Rafflesia has no leaf, so they can not perform self photosynthesis and Rafflesia takes the nutrients from its host plants. What makes Rafflesia become so unique is they grows within a certain time, hidden for months inside the body of its host plants then blooming between 7 until 10 days only.

Gunung Leuser National Park has become a heaven for rare flora and fauna, and Batu Katak ecotourism area is one of the regions where rare flora and fauna have been found many times.

Start from producing the flower bud till its blooming it can take up 7 to 9 months, while its blooming period is only 7 - 10 days.

Rafflesia Micropylora bud was the size of 10 - 18 cm for its diameter or shape of a head of cabbage.

Rafflesia Micropylora
(Kingdom: Plantae, Order: Malpighiales, Family: Rafflesiaceae, Genus: Rafflesia, Species: Rafflesia Micropylora).

Maren Linder & Rafflesia Micropylora

My big thanks to Maren Linder, our guest from German who chose our guiding service. Maren has explored the ecotourism areas surrounding Bukit Lawang with us, to meet the local people who have more commitment and knowledge of how importance to keep the balance of ecosystem in Batu Katak, Landak River, and Batu Kapal.