What Is Ecoproject

Ecoproject is a nonprofit organization that is funded by Bukit Lawang Ecotourism to run its missions which covering two main sectors i.e tree planting and wildlife liberation. With a commitment in deep awareness to the environment, Bukit Lawang Ecotourism share their 15% of company's profits to support the ecoproject.

"As the owner of tourism company, we want to show our responsibility to the environment and do something real to keep the ecosystem in good balance. We also give the opportunity to anyone who want to support our ecoproject with donation" Bobi Handoko.

Where Is Ecoproject

Ecoproject is based in Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra and operating in two regions, they are province of North Sumatra and Aceh, Indonesia.


Ecoproject established at 2015 based on deep awareness to do something good to the environment. Begins from the ecotourism business that led by Bukit Lawang Ecotourism which finally, we are as the owner wholeheartedly agreed to share the company profits to the environment missions in this ecoproject.

Nowadays, one by one, the birds and even the rare species of animals have been taken out from the jungle, the hard wood trees are cut down, and just small numbers of people could realize that it destroys the ecosystem and even our planet. What we can do is limited, however with the steps to do small real things, we believe it will be something useful.

Wildlife Liberation

Wildlife liberation ecoproject established to collect the animals from the poacher's hands or from the animal black markets. We realize and understand the needs of people for living, but we have zero tolerance to the poachers who take out animals from jungle to sell it to the wildlife black markets.

Tree Planting

We are committed to keep the balance of ecosystem, tree planting become one of the activities of our ecoproject. Those who are willing to plan the trees, you can join our mission, 3 EUR for 1 tree.


We considered it as a very crucial thing to give the knowledge to the people against the massive destruction of the nature. Knowledge is more than just the power.

Ecoproject Documentary.

All works documented through photography, so you can explore what we have done here.

Bukit Lawang Ecoproject

A move that motivated by awareness, commitment and responsibility.

“Sustainable livelihoods is maintained by sustainable development of human resources. Development of human resources is fully supported by healthy environment.”

“An ecosystem is balanced when the animals, plants and non-living components are in harmony, and we are as human holds very important roles in this process.”

“A healthy environment is formed when we are all attempting to keep the earth's carrying capacity as a forum for our life and other living creatures, instead of destroying it.”

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